About Us

Over 25 Years of Forestry Experience


David Patenaude of Didsbury, AB is the founder and owner of Big Bear Services. Here is how he says it: I have been in the forestry industry for over 25 years. I started dabbling with a sawmill and skidder, as aggressively as your typical 16-year-old boy would dabble. I wanted to stay close to the ties of my family’s farm, but it wasn’t long before the glamorous and exciting career of becoming a log hauler called to me. Short wood hauling, tree-length hauling, but eventually operating a self-loading log truck was my best fit. I bought my first log truck when I was 21.

Due to drought and softer cattle markets, I decided to diversify into firewood production. My father and I looked at the machines that were available, and we decided to build our own instead. It works well but there were many bugs to work out along the way. Eventually I discovered Tajfun and it is the first product I have found that has the fit and finish and durability I was looking for in my business, that we could not come close to replicating at that price. Now I am proudly the Tajfun distributor for Western Canada (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba), as I know from experience that these machines are a strong asset in any firewood business.