Cannon Bar Works

Cannon Bar Works manufactures high-quality saw chain guide bars in British Columbia, Canada. All Cannon bars are individually made from high-grade steel that is treated through multiple precise steps to achieve just the right hardness for strength, durability, toughness, and flexibility.  A special hardening process also results in a much longer bar rail life. Care, attention, and skilled workmanship make Cannon bars stand out against the competition.

Cannon Bar Works has a wide range of saw chain guide bars available: 

Cannon DuraLite SuperBar

Cannon Bar Works all-new lightweight chainsaw bar. Available in lengths of 24″ up to 32″ for most mid-to-large sized chainsaws.

Cannon SuperBar

Cannon Bar Works signature chainsaw bar. Available in lengths of 12″ up to 84″ for all makes and models of chainsaws.

Cannon Harvester Bars

Cannon Harvester Bars are available in .404 and 3/4 pitch for all mechanical harvesters/processors, and firewood processors.

Cannon SuperMini Bars

The Cannon SuperMini Bar is designed for use with narrow kerf and low-profile chain for small-to-mid-sized chainsaws. Available in lengths of 12″ up to 32″.

Cannon Carver Bars

Cannon Carver Bars are available in a wide range of tip sizes and lengths for chainsaw carving. 

Cannon Sawmiller Bars

Cannon double-ended Sawmiller Bars are designed for chainsaw milling. These bars are available in various lengths from 44″ to over 100″.

Cannon Package Saw Bars

Cannon Package Saw Bars are designed to fit package and bundle cutting saws found in sawmills. Various gauges and lengths are available.

Use Cannon Bar Works Bar Finder to Find a Bar for your Saw:

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