Tajfun Forestry Products

Tajfun provides complete and integrated solutions in the field of forestry machinery with efficient service and after-sales support. Their primary products include single and double drum logging winches, firewood processors, hydraulic tractor cranes, TajGO forestry information systems, and forestry accessories.

The use of the most advanced CNC machines, top technology, laser cutters, and highly sensitive tools contribute to their advanced manufacturing process. Tajfun’s goal is to create powerful, user-friendly forestry machines. Big Bear Services is proud to distribute all of Tajfun’s lines of equipment.

Tajfun Firewood Processors (RCA)

Tajfun Firewood Processors, established under the brand name RCA, are essential forestry accessories for processing wood biomass – logs into firewood. Tajfun offers 7 different models of firewood processors.

Tajfun Winches

Tajfun started developing and manufacturing logging winches in 1979. Tajfun winches are available with mechanical (A) or electrohydraulic (AHK) control.

Tajfun Trailers (GAP)

Tajfun forestry trailers, established under the GAP brand name, are designed for the safe and rapid transportation of raw or treated timber.

Tajfun Cranes (DOT and LIV)

Tajfun offers a wide range of cranes: hydraulic tractor cranes, timber cranes, recycling cranes, and off-road cranes. 

Tajfun Digital Calipers (BOB)

The electronic digital caliper is designed for professional use in the forestry industry. It is used for measuring forest wood assortments (trees, logs, and boards).